Goodbye Arizona

Sorry I haven’t posted on here in awhile. The last few weeks at work kept me busy and being home has made me lazy again!  Not sure if you guys know, but I celebrated my 23rd birthday two weekends ago.  The best part was celebrating my birthday and the end of the work season with some of my co-workers in Las Vegas.  It was fun, expensive, but worth it.

I signed on to work at the Grand Canyon again for next summer so I’m (im)patiently waiting for May to get here.  Until then, I’m filling out applications and doing interviews for seasonal work to keep me busy.

I’ll leave you all with some photos of my birthday weekend for now.

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I Believe in a Higher Being

By ‘higher being’, I mean something that is equal to what God is to those who believe in Him.  Since I was a young child, I’ve either attended Sunday School or participated in church by way of youth groups or other youth events.  There has never been a chance for me to question my own faith since it was basically given to me since birth.  After my mother’s death, I was still living with my grandparents who were heavy on attending church every Sunday.  I had no problem with it because I’ve been to church in the past and found ways to bear through the service.  After I reached high school, questions about God started to come forth in my head.  I never spoke about them with anyone around me because I felt like I would get shot down after opening my mouth.

I remember one Sunday morning, sitting in the backseat of the car asking my grandmother why did I have to come to church that day.  She raised her voice loudly and what she said next I will never remember.  But it was something along the lines of, “Why don’t you want to come to church anymore?”  There were more questioning times for me that I never acted on.  Plenty of times when I started to lose interest in what was being preached to me and the congregation.  In the scriptures that were being read.  In the prayers that were being said.  I’m not sure why, but I started to lose my faith in God.

As of now, I’m going back and forth between praying to God and praying to a god.  I do know, or believe at least, that there is something bigger out there that has this power that people give to God.  I do not believe that God can make the blind see or the paralyzed walk.  I do believe in miracles, but in a sense that they happen without the help of God, but by their own will.

I wrote this poem, maybe back in 2010 or 2011, about what I believe about God.  The responses I received after posting it reassured me that I was not alone and that other people felt the same way.

Is There a God?

Is there a God?

Is there really one creator of all?

If such a person did exist,

Why is our world plagued with such loathsome people?

Why is there this abundant amount of hatred living within our souls?

We are not all holy, we don’t portray ourselves as such.

If there was a higher being,

I would expect people of earth to be less full of themselves,

To be more concerned with the state of their living grounds.

We consume negativity like a meal, lingering for more,

Our religions battle one another, proving their own to be the right one,

If there is a God, he failed when he created us.


This post is in response to this week’s Dungeon Prompt: Concepts of God.  Thank you for posting this certain topic.  It’s been something that I’ve always wanted to get off of my chest.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Wood or Season of Spring

Hello, everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted on here in awhile, but I’ve been very busy with work lately. I’ve been meaning to make a post on here but didn’t know where to start. This is a nice opportunity to share some photos I took on my trip to Zion National Park last week. Although this challenge calls for “spring” photos, I thought the subjects I decided to focus on were spring-worthy, too. Clouds, trees, and blue skies are all a part of spring’s and summer’s agenda!


I just love photographing trees!

I just love photographing trees!


The perfect capture of a perfect cloud.

The perfect capture of a perfect cloud.

A trio of trees.

A trio of trees.


You can see small droplets of water falling from the top of Weeping Rock.

You can see small droplets of water falling from the top of Weeping Rock.


Another one of my favorite photos from my trip.

Another one of my favorite photos from my trip.


I hope you all enjoy these photos that I’ve shared with you!



Along My Walk Pt. 2

This post is simply for the photos.  I took another walk after work today and found myself lost in nature once again.  It’s really peaceful when you’re surrounded by trees and plants and bright, blue skies.


Along My Walk

I had a day off from work yesterday so I took full advantage of it.  I started it off by sleeping in until 4 pm.  That was just wonderful since our work day starts at 7 am (housekeeping!).  I then managed to get out of my comfortable bed and wander over to the dining hall for a quick dinner before setting off on my walk.

I took the nature trail that they have here and decided to bring my camera along.  There were moments when nature itself would entice me to take photos of it.  Whether it was a tree or a flower or a simple rock, I was intrigued by it all.  Below are just a handful of the photos I took on my two hour walk yesterday.  As seen in my previous post, the sunset looked very smoky but cool at the same time.


Grand Canyon selfie!

Grand Canyon selfie!








Surround Yourself with Nature

I came down with a cold late Friday night. Luckily, I had today off from work. Tomorrow is my second day off and I’m hoping I feel good enough to head back to work on Wednesday. I was able to have a half day yesterday, so I wasn’t working too hard. This cold has been kicking my butt but it’s been bearable because of the support I’ve been receiving from everyone here.

Plus, I mustered up the courage to go for a walk earlier today on one of the nature trails. I’m happy I got out and took that walk. It’s amazing how being in nature can refresh you.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!