Enjoyable Friday.

Today, I actually went out and tried to enjoy myself. I talked to a friend earlier on in the day, our conversation was short, but it meant a lot to me that we were talking. I did a little shopping therapy and came out with a few good pieces (everything was on sale, too!). I then went and saw Battleship. And no, I didn’t see it because Rihanna was cast in it, I actually wanted to see it since I saw the first preview months ago. She did a great job though, everyone in the movie played their characters well. I wanted to cry at certain parts because of the real-life veterans that were cast in it. They added a cute/funny aspect to some of the more serious scenes. Lots of action, especially near the end, which I loved btw. After the movie, I bought some accessories to go with the dress I bought before going to the movie. Overall, today was a pretty decent day. I wasn’t moody or anything, I was in a good mood, and I still am. The past few weeks may have been stressful on me, but I’m making progress by hanging out with new people and enjoying myself while I’m out. I can’t always be sad, have to be happy sometimes.




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