Girl of my Dreams.

Don’t even know who you are,

or where you are at this moment,

but I can feel us together,

like we never separated,

it’s crazy the thoughts I get,

about a person I’ve never met,

about a person who might not exist,

but in my mind,

you’re alive and well,

better off than me,

you have an indescribable beauty,

one too rich for words,

glimpses of you fill my head on the daily,

my dreams are where we meet,

where we fondle each other,

no one on this planet can compare to you,

sounds crazy but it’s true,

every time I fall asleep,

or drift off from reality,

I dream of you,

I guess you’re always going to be

the girl of my dreams.




4 thoughts on “Girl of my Dreams.

  1. This is so beautiful and it is perfect in conveying the strong feelings you hold for someone who is just a part of your imagination! Such simple words yet a poem which has become one of my favourites. Great work 😀

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