Love, Where Are You?

When will I find it, or better yet, when will it find me? I’m lucky enough to not be bogged down by the stress a relationship may bring, or an ex for that matter. Single. Uno. Juste moi. Any variation of being by yourself, just you, no one else, can be used to describe me for the past 3 years. Yes, I may still be young, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking for someone to share a life with. Maybe not a life, but at least have a relationship with. It’s hard for someone like me to find potential partners since I’m a quiet, reserved, and often times shy type of person. I can’t say I’ve made myself available to others either, because I haven’t. I’ve just sort of sat back all of these years and let life guide me to whoever was willing to talk to me. Most of the time, the people life set me up with conflicted with my personality. I’m a pretty complicated  girl with simple needs: someone who will love me, appreciate me, and who wouldn’t mind curling up under a blanket to watch 80’s movies while filling our bodies with junk food.

Although I’ve met some decent people in my past, I still haven’t found a person who is remotely close to what I am looking for. I’m open to races and religions of all kinds, it’s just that I don’t have a clue as to how I go about meeting new people. People who are interesting, whether it’s a hobby they enjoy or the way they dress or style their hair, are of interest to me. Of course, I can always blame the internet and the movie industry with filling my head with images of women who are sweet and have amazing features anyone would swoon over or of guys who can take away the breath of a 20 year old as well as a 54 year old woman. I do realize that I can’t expect to randomly meet someone while I’m out running errands or traveling the world, I have to at least make an effort to get out there and meet someone myself. But that’s my other problem, I have no clue as to how/where I should start this *Love Adventure of mine.

Hopefully I’ll be inspired soon to take that plunge into the dating field and maybe, just maybe, I’ll find someone who fits what I’m looking for. I just have to keep on praying that I won’t meet another egotistical, not-over-my-ex person, ever again!


*This is what I’ll be referring to as my journey in finding a lover begins.




8 thoughts on “Love, Where Are You?

  1. The fact that you are not letting everyone and anyone take a piece of your heart means A LOT! When that special man comes your way you will love him passionately and it really will be more meaningful. In the mean time, I know for a fact that it is HARD to meet new people, especially when you are shy (I can be too and at times I suck at breaking the ice!) but just have fun with it and enjoy the journey of finding your “lover” When you are finally married you will LOVE reminiscing about how you guys met 😀

  2. Oh jeez… I’m in the shy, reserved boat as well. I’ve managed to maintain the status of “taken” for ten years, over the span of several relationships, but I’ve never been happy with them :/ They all pursued me, and I think I date them just because they pay attention to me lol good luck, and I mean that. The truly good ones are few and far between… Never compromise what you know you deserve!

    1. Nice little story about your love life, if I can call it that. At least you had them coming to you. The wrong ones mostly made their way to me, but I usually turned them down. I know that I probably won’t meet anyone that’s up to my standards anytime soon, but thanks for the encouragement =)

  3. awww, thank you for liking my post, I’m glad I found your blog. I really like the way you write, it flows so nicely together- all the words and sentences. I hope you find yours and you will- that wonderful person =)

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