Walmart Trips & Summer Rain.

Okay, so it isn’t officially summer until the middle of next month, but it’s warm enough outside to be considered “Summer”. I didn’t plan on going anywhere today, but I’m glad I did. I took my university’s shuttle to Wally World, b.k.a. Walmart. There was a lot to take in from the moment I set foot inside: the cooler air, the arguing couple walking in front of me, the huge potato chips display that I almost knocked my cart into, etc etc. I had my sights set on buying some food so I have a good excuse to use my Walmart gift card that was safely tucked away in my wallet. There were lots of sales going on and my eyes couldn’t stop admiring all of them.

I haven’t tried these yet, but I’m sure they’re good.

I managed to pick up a few food items and ventured into other parts of the store I would normally neglect. The first stop I made along the way was at the baby section. One of my close-in-age cousins had a baby boy almost 2 weeks ago (he’ll be 2 weeks tomorrow!) and my best friend had her baby girl this past weekend. I didn’t have a chance to get them anything, so I decided to snoop around and see if I could find something within my gift card limit. I ended up getting two similar sets of clothing for each baby (blue for him, purple for her). I then found some gift bag paper in the card section for wrapping them in for when I mail them later this week (I just need some small mailing boxes first).

The outfit for my cousin’s baby boy.
My bestie loves purple, so I think she’ll like this outfit for her daughter.
A card for my cousin & the lovely wrapping paper (I had leftover purple paper from Hallmark!).

After I had the baby stuff settled, I ventured into the place I would have never been caught in last year: the beauty/make-up section. I made a personal promise/goal that I would at least try make-up this summer since I usually go make-up free. I spent some time trying to figure out what certain things were & how they were used (I’m so inexperienced when it comes to these products). I opted for mascara and a palette of eyeshadow. I plan to use these this summer, and if I like wearing them, I’ll buy more for fall semester. But for now, I’m good with these two.

Heaven/Earth toned eyeshadow & the mascara 🙂

While I was strolling through Wally World, several people caught my eye. One in particular is still clear in my mind. It was a redhead boy, might have been in his early teens. Now what caught my eye with him was the farmer’s attire he was wearing. From his hat to his tucked-in-pants dark blue shirt to his boots, he had my attention. I wasn’t expecting to see anyone like him in the store, he definitely made my shopping trip a brighter one. Here’s a little secret that most people don’t know about me, I’m a sucker for redheads (but only if they’re a natural redhead).

Oh, Cartman. You’re not a natural =/

My Wally World trip did disappoint me in the Pet area. I was looking forward to buying a new fish since I remembered that they sell pet fish. But to my surprise, there were no fish for me to buy. All of the tanks were fish-free. I pushed my cart away from the Pet area in a sad I-just-wanted-to-buy-a-fish state. I soon cheered back up when I found my way on the other side of the store in the candy aisle. What’s a quick cure for sadness & other non-happy emotions? Chocolate! I picked up two packs of Hershey’s chocolate bars and made my way to the register.


I was happy to see that all of the lines were short, mine especially. I then left the cool establishment and went back outside to wait for the shuttle. To my surprise (once again), it was raining, and my oh-so-thoughtful brain found it okay to tell me it was fine to come outside w/o an umbrella, even though the sky showed signs before I left that it might rain while I was out. I patiently waited inside and when the shuttle showed up, I made a semi-quick dash to get myself inside. The walk back from the front of campus to where I currently stay was long, wet, and uncomfortable. I have a personal hate for walking in any kind of rain w/o an umbrella, mainly because it makes me wet without my permission. I had on a short-sleeve shirt which made it worse. Little raindrops kept hitting my glasses, and eventually made their way to the corner of my eyes, which made me flinch every time. I’m pretty sure the students walking past me with their umbrellas thought something was wrong with me. Lol.

If only I was as carefree as him..

When I made it back inside, I told a girl who was about to leave out  that it was raining outside and she thanked me. She didn’t have an umbrella and made no effort to get one, and for that, I applaud her. She voluntarily ventured outside in the rain with no umbrella. And here I am, ranting about getting wet in a blog post.



6 thoughts on “Walmart Trips & Summer Rain.

  1. I have never really liked those Nature Valley Crunchy things lol. They are almost too crunchy for me…maybe it’s because I have had so much dental work and I don’t want to break my teeth haha. I tried the peanut butter kind before and they tasted pretty good…just wish they were a tiny bit softer. Anyway, I shouldn’t complain because it does say “crunchy” on the box so I should have expected it to truly be crunchy 🙂

    1. Lol, so true. The first time I had one, I was surprised, but got used to them after awhile. They are delicious after you get over their ever-so-present crunchiness.

  2. I love that you were caught by the red-headed fellow’s hair color! I’m not a fan of the hair, but the farm clothes would have hooked me! I’m a sucker for country guys, but then who’s not?

    I’m sorry you didn’t find any fish to take home; that is kind of a bummer. I guess you could draw a picture of your fish on a piece of paper, write its name underneath, and put it in an empty fishbowl. 🙂

    I’m completely clueless when it comes to makeup and have really never worn any, but my sister is helping me with that a little. It’s fun and exciting, but also kind of scary. I’m super pale, so I’m afraid of color, but I’ll get the hang of it and so will you! All the best! 😀

    1. Yes! I don’t know why I like their particular hair color so much, but I do. & there’s nothing wrong with a country boy. I’m horrible at drawing, but I did pick up a pack of colored pencils, so I guess I could give it a try. And thanks for the encouragement, I hope we both become make-up pros 🙂

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