Could This Be Love?

I finally made my way to the movies to see The Avengers. I know I’m a bit late, but the fact that I saw it counts, right? I liked the theater I was in. There were older couples, parents with their young kids, parents with their teenage kids, and some people that were probably college-aged like me. All of the funny scenes and funny lines said were made even funnier because of one woman there. She had one of those laughs that makes it hard for you to stop laughing, it was like a contagious (but healthy) laugh. The movie itself was great. I made sure to stay for that extra little scene after the first ending credits.

I think that was my heart being melted into pieces.

During the movie, I was really focused on Tom Hiddleston, better known as Loki from Thor & The Avengers. His character pulled me into the movie more and more. Every time he did that smirk or that villain smile, I was hooked. I kept thinking throughout the movie that I have to watch Thor when I get back to my room, just for Loki. I came into the theater with my mind fixated on his character because of good things I’d heard about him when the movie came out earlier this month. I guess I can consider myself a Villain Lover overall because I always seem to be pulled to the bad guy or girl in movies. It’s weird, but I guess I just have a thing for those who don’t follow the rules.

Remember my love for natural redheads?

While I wait for the news of him being in Thor 2 next year, I’ll pass the time tonight by re-watching Thor, for Loki of course!

Yeah, that’s love 🙂



10 thoughts on “Could This Be Love?

  1. Loved this movie!!! I agree, Loki just pulled me right into the story. Tomorrow will either find me at the theater to see Avengers again or at home watching Thor…maybe both. 🙂

  2. I saw the movie as well…I enjoyed it…lots of comedic drops, and hey the bad guy wasnt too bad himself…then again HULK SMASH and the audience went CRAZY.

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