Teary Eyes.

Her cheeks were moist,

water rolling down her face,

her heart was beating so fast,

like she just ran a race,

the music was playing softly,

in the dimly lighted room,

they were laying by the window,

with a view of the moon,

he leaned over,

and wiped her tears away,

trying to make her feel better,

since he had nothing to say,

she looked up at the window,

wishing for something good,

she knew wishing didn’t work,

as she got up and stood,

her face was dried of tears,

just left with red eyes,

he hugged her tightly,

as they said their goodbyes.


I was cleaning out one of my storage bins last night and came across a few notebooks I had when I was in high school. One in particular made me smile a big smile, it was my old poetry book. There weren’t many poems in this one, but I did find some of my personal favorites in it. This poem, Teary Eyes, was one of them. The date & time on the poem says 2.28.09 1:20 a.m. which means I wrote this when I was 17. I hope you all enjoyed reading this poem from the past. I might post another one from the book.





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