Looking in the sky,

with a question,

as to why this little kid,

has so much tension,

tension in his blood,

tension in his skin,

even more tension,

within the lives of his kin,

growing up wasn’t easy,

living in the old house,

mark, keith, rob, chris,

and mom with a missing spouse,

little food, no water,

no milk in their bowls,

mom yelling at managers,

getting caught stealing dinner rolls,

waiting outside in lines,

hot degree weather,

just to get your son,

a thrift store sweater,

see life isn’t easy,

when you grow up poor,

it’s full of hardships,

3 a.m. knocks from police at your door,

tears in eyes,

kids in arms,

gunshots ringing,

cops in swarms,

mom wondering why,

her son had a gun,

cops wondering why,

“why did he have to run?”

one shot,

was all it took,

to put her youngest son,

in God’s book,

looking in the sky,

with the same question,

as to why this little kid,

had so much tension.


*This is another personal favorite of mine.



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