Negative Night.

It’s another night when I’m left alone with my thoughts,

the good ones and the bad ones,

they seem to take over my mind,

swimming around like fish in a sea,

in every direction possible,

one always lures away from the others,

bringing itself closer to me,

it makes itself comfortable at the front of my mind,

making sure its presence is known,

I try to focus on the other thoughts,

the more positive ones,

but this one, pushes its way to the top,

I can’t help but acknowledge it,

even though it crawls with negativity,

I seem to be drawn towards it,

I try to shake it from my mind,

but nothing works,

I’m stuck with this thought,

it takes pride in knowing it succeeded,

it’s nights like this one,

that leaves the bad thoughts to roam around freely.




6 thoughts on “Negative Night.

  1. If I may offer a bit of advice? The only way to slough off the negative thoughts it to consciously replace them with positive thought, coupled with an action or activity. It takes effort, though…
    I, too, feel deeply and fall into the hole, so to speak. I’ve practiced “getting out” of that hole and for the most part, it works.
    Great post.

  2. There’s much beauty in your words. Keep expressing yourself in as many ways as possible and have faith in yourself. Creativity often comes from a lonely place but you can use it to rise above and gain control over the negative. I think you know that already!

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