Fireworks & The City.

Good morning to my fellow East coasters! Happy Sunday 😀

I finally went out last night and did something. I saw some fireworks at one of the parks with my cousin and had a pretty good time, although she got hit with one of the ashes. 😦 She was fine, and it added to our story when we later met up with one of our friends.

The fireworks took me by surprised, surprisingly. I mean, I’ve seen 4th of July celebrations that have included fireworks, but I’ve never been that close to hearing them and seeing them so clear. I was standing outside surrounded by strangers in that park, but  I felt happy for once. Like, I knew that things were going to be alright for me.

Almost looks like stars in the sky

We later stopped off at wawa and I stocked up on a few snacks for the ride. We met up with another friend and talked with them for awhile, laughing our night away. We then drove around the city and I must say that I love it. It was past 11:30 and people were just hanging out with their neighbors & family & friends on their porches, enjoying the summer night breeze.  For a few moments, I felt jealous of them. They just seemed so happy yet, they weren’t doing anything special, just sharing words and drinks with each other. I hope I can find happiness one day, like them, in everyday life.

I took a few photos on my iPhone but kept getting distracted by the lights. I did manage to snap some pretty cool shots. I hope everyone else had a nice Saturday night.

My favorite photo from last night ❤




3 thoughts on “Fireworks & The City.

  1. So happy you had a good time, I got my second wind in the blogging game only this weekend, so we will see more of each other, hopefully. Your pics are very interesting.

  2. I like your fireworks photos. We saw a big fireworks display in the Darwin harbour last night, so I was drawn to this post.
    Thanks for visiting our blog and liking my post. I have enjoyed coming over to your blog and having a read, so thanks for the opportunity!

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