Love Curse.

It’s another day I live without love,

No one to share in my triumphs,

Or console me when I’m down,

Love was never on the agenda,

But sometimes I wish it was,

Nights pass by and mornings rise,

Without a single smile on my face,

I look out my window,

Hoping to find love on this two-way street,

Each day reminds me of my empty heart,

I’m a fool to feel this way,

Others would find it a blessing,

To not be tied down by another,

But I find it to be a curse,

When will it be broken?

Is the question I ask myself daily,

Is there not another person,

I can share my joys and sorrows with?

My mind tries to comfort my heart,

with promises of breaking this curse.




6 thoughts on “Love Curse.

      1. Ikr, tired of FB, have 0 followers on Twitter, and – 1 followers on Instagram, lol. I like when people talk. Plus, it’s a boring night. Teeeheee

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