Last Week’s Birthday

So last week (Thursday) was one of my friend’s 21st birthday. We all met up at Applebee’s and started off with appetizers and drinks (I just had a glass of water). Since I’ve been home from college, I haven’t seen any of them so it was nice to be able to catch up with everyone and share smiles and laughs.


My best friend called me beforehand and told me they were dressing up so I should wear something nice, but comfortable. I decided to wear my little black dress I ordered from Forever 21 and a pair of black wedges with a gold necklace & gold earrings. I was happy to be going out because it’s been awhile since I went out with friends. We all had a good time and even made a random trip to Checkers & Wawa before everyone went home later that night.


Now I’m looking forward to my 21st birthday in October. I’ll be able to enjoy drinks with my friends since I’m the last one left being 20. It sucks being a Fall baby especially when everyone else is already 21. But I can wait. I plan on having a lot of fun during my birthday, too.


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