A Night With You.

It’s late and you’re still here,
Wrapped up in my sheets,
Your hair’s spread out over my pillows,
That blonde keeps me entranced,
Like a magician’s gold watch,
Keeping a person hypnotized,
The tv’s still on, and so is the music,
But everything in the room is silent,
Muted, but your eyes speak a mouthful,
Icy blue but I’m anything but cold,
Heated, full of warm love from you,
You reach over and touch my face,
Your hands are those of an angel,
Soft, delicate even,
You place your head on my chest,
My heart notices and begins beating harder,
That familiar sweet smile comes across your face,
You utter words to me, but my focus is lost,
I’m stuck in the moment that we’re sharing,
Too distraught to hear anything else,
You kiss me, bringing me back into reality,
My heart slows down, to a regular tempo,
I thank you for the night we spent,
And you welcome me by reminding me,
Why I enjoy your company so much.



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