It’s been awhile since the last time I made a post on here. The reason is because the internet in my room (at my college) had to be checked out because it wasn’t working. I finally was able to have someone come fix it this past Monday. It feels good to be back on here. Seems like I’ve been missing out on some things since I’ve been away.

College life is back in effect, has been since the 17th of August. I like where I’m staying this year and my roommate is way better than my roommate from last year. I also upgraded to the better campus apartments so I have my own bathroom now. It might not sound like heaven, but it is if you’ve had to do the whole “sharing-a-bathroom-with-dorm-girls” thing.

This past weekend, I dyed my hair all black. I’ve been fascinated by girls with black hair lately, so I gave it try and I actually like the color on me. I’m still thinking about getting some type of short cut after I turn 21 next month. I’m only waiting until October because I want to make sure I think this whole haircut idea out before I get it cut.

Since it’s been awhile since my last post, I might as well grace your computer screens with moi 🙂




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