Happy Fall!

Hey everyone, it’s been a long while since I last posted. Just been busy with these classes and projects and papers that have to be completed. I can say that this semester is a little more hectic than my previous semesters here. But I’m happy about it. I’m actually getting a chance to put my writing skills to work, and I’m finding out I’m a better writer than I thought.
Before I forget, I’m 21 now as of October 17th, 2012. [Enter happy belateds here]. I had a nice birthday. Had lunch at Olive Garden with the fam. Then my close friends came down that weekend and we went out to eat at Friday’s, which was full of fun.

1st legal drink at Friday’s.

I also treated myself to a new tattoo, which brings my total count up to nine 🙂 It was a spur of the moment kind of thing, but it has become my new favorite tattoo.

Strive & Prosper.

Well, I’m voting for the first time tomorrow and I must say that I am quite nervous. Not nervous about voting, but about who might win. I just hope the right person wins so this country can start to grow again in a positive way.

Aside from the elections and school, I just want to have more fun this year. Seeing as how it’s November already, I believe that I should have at least one fun day before this year is over. Whether I’m surrounded by cool people at a concert or taking a small road trip somewhere, I’ll be happy and satisfied with my life. Speaking of concerts, I can’t wait to go to the LiveLongA$AP Tour concert this month. I’ll have a pass so I get to meet the guys and take pictures with them. I know I’ll enjoy myself that night.

I’ll let you guys go now. I’m currently waiting on my dinner which is an order of sweet & sour shrimp and a shrimp egg roll (Shrimp is my absolute favorite). I’m just trying to stay calm tonight so I can be ready to vote tomorrow (and possibly be less nervous).

Happy Fall everybody!



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