Almost done.

So, it’s that time of the semester when college students are stressing out over finals and looking forward to winter break. I’m not doing too much stressing this semester which is pretty good on my end. I was exempt from taking one of my finals today because I did that well in the class. I was pretty excited because I wasn’t too sure if I did well on the last two presentations we had to do, but apparently I did better than I thought. I took my first final this morning and I think I aced it. We had two parts – the actual question & answer portion and then a design portion where we had to create a newsletter on the computer. We’ve been working on newsletters basically all semester, so I found it easy to do within the 30 minute time limit that was given to us.

I didn’t have a final for my Cinema class, I just had to turn in my term paper earlier. My next finals are next week for my Critical Thinking, Astronomy, and Abnormal Psychology classes. Those should be fairly easy. I took on 18 credits this semester, once again, but it was so I could take less credits for my last two semesters here. My schedule for spring semester is fairly light compared to my other ones here. I’m only taking 13 credits which is 4 classes plus one lab for the chemistry class I have to take. I’m taking another class for my philosophy minor called History of Ancient Philosophy. I’m not too sure how hard or easy the coursework will be, but it’s with the same professor I’ve had Intro. to Philosophy and Critical Thinking with.

I felt pretty photogenic today and took about a dozen photos, but only uploaded about 3 to instagram. I’ll just leave you all with one of those photos.

I rarely smile nowadays.
I rarely smile nowadays.

I hope any college students who follow me are having a stress-free week. And also, to anyone else who isn’t in college, I hope you all are having a stress-free week as well.




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