Hard Work Pays Off.

So, my college’s final grades for the fall semester were put up today and I am very, very happy with my grades. I received the following:

B – Descriptive Astronomy

A – American Cinema & Society

A – Media Research Techniques

A – Techniques of Layout & Design

A – Critical Thinking

A – Abnormal Psychology


It’s funny, the classes I thought I was going to get low grades in (Astronomy & Media Research Techniques) were actually classes I received high grades in. My gpa finally made it to the 3.0 category, 3.19 to be exact. I’m very proud of myself. I messed up with my grades my freshman year for fall semester and I’ve been trying to bring my gpa back up. So to have it be above the 3.0 mark is a very good feeling for me. I’m going to make sure I show my grands my fall semester final grades when I go back home for winter break. I was suppose to have been went home (today or tomorrow) but I’m waiting for a package to get here. It was suppose to come today but the delivery date was pushed back to tomorrow, so I’ll probably be heading home on Thursday. I’ve been happy with my final grades in the past, but to have grades like these just makes me very proud of myself. Hence my title “Hard Work Pays Off”. It’s the truth, too. Hard work does pay off in the end.




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