Hello, Again

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here. I’ve just been busy with assignments and projects for my classes. I do have a few things to update you all on. I got a new tattoo over my spring break, ended up making the President’s List for last semester, and I cut my hair.

First things first, I was happy I was able to get a new tattoo. My total count is now up to 10! I wanted to get my skull done and I’m happy the shop I went to had artists who were patient with me (I was pretty indecisive), but my artist managed to come up with a design based on some pictures I liked. I had it done on the inside of my upper right arm. The meaning behind this guy is this – I’ve been lucky enough to avoid situations that would’ve landed me in the hospital or 6 feet under. I told someone it’s kind of like the opposite of me cheating death, it’s more like death has cheated me.


I was surprised to find out that I made the President’s List for last semester. I didn’t receive any type of notification, no email or letter. One of my professors had told me he saw my name in the Honors booklet during the Honors ceremony they had here a couple weeks ago. I managed to get a copy for myself and I sent a copy of the page to my grandparents so they would know I made the list. Apparently, my gpa for last semester was a 3.8, two points off from being a 4.0. I’m hoping that I get good grades in the classes I’m taking right now so my gpa stays up there.

As for my new haircut, I did it earlier today on a whim. I finished this assignment for one of my classes and thought to myself, “I feel like cutting my hair.” Of course, it ended up shorter than I expected, but I like it. I made one piece shorter while I was cutting my hair, so I had to do the right thing and try to make the rest of my hair even. I’ll probably straighten it again in the morning, but I think I did a pretty good job on my own.



Our last week of classes here are next Thursday and I am so excited for this semester to be over with. It really flew by for me. I’m happy I was able to be a part of my college’s newspaper. I have a few articles published that I can save for when I go to make my portfolio. It was kind of challenging for me because I’m not used to writing for a newspaper. I’m not sure about whether or not I’ll write for it next semester. Guess I’ll think about that over the summer.

Speaking of summer, I’m taking two summer classes. They’re both elective classes and it’s better for me because I get to take less classes during the Fall semester. I’m still looking for an internship, so hopefully I can get one before the semester gets here. Other than that, I should be set to graduate this Fall. I just have to make sure I do well in my classes so I don’t have to make anything up. I’m also planning on staying down here at my college during the summer after I finish my summer classes. The apartments I live in don’t require the students to move out and since I already renewed my lease, I don’t have to pack up my stuff.

I just hope I get to have some fun while I’m down here. I was thinking about visiting my brother because we haven’t seen each other since I was in middle school. He lives in Nevada and he said if i do come out there, we could drive to California. That would be even better because I haven’t been to CA since 2000. So, hopefully, I can save some money up for a plane ticket so I can get a chance to actually travel this summer.

I hope everyone is having a great April. I can’t believe that May is literally right around the corner. It seems like 2013 is flying right on by!


11 thoughts on “Hello, Again

  1. Yikes, I like the idea of a tattoo, but I don’t think I could stand the pain. Thanks for visiting my blog πŸ™‚

    By the way, I recently cut my hair that length too. Actually, it was almost a year ago, but I had it long for a really long time, so it still feels drastic.

    What college do you go to, by the way? (If you want to share).

    1. Yeah, people are often surprised when they see my tattoos. I guess I’m used to the feeling of getting them. I still plan on getting my hair cut in a shorter style (by a stylist this time). But my hair was long for awhile as well. And I go to Delaware State Univ.

      1. I was actually looking at Delaware fr a while, but it was a little too far from home for me πŸ™‚ (I live in the NY, VT, MA area).

      2. Okay. I honestly don’t like it here. I’m ready to get back to California. It’s a small state, not much to do here (in my opinion). Do you like living on the east coast?

      3. Yeah, but I bet the chesapeake bay area (where you are) might have a different feel/culture. So my experience might be different than yours. I love it here, aside from the cold winters. I don’t ever feel like there’s nothing to do, but I’ve lived here my whole life, so I know the area a lot better than, say, a college student. And I don’t do it often, but I love visiting NYC πŸ™‚

      4. That might be it because living in Delaware (I’ve been here since 2001) hasn’t been all that exciting. How’s NY? I’ve never been but I’m hoping I can go for a day or two next month.

      5. It’s great. It’s probably my favorite city πŸ™‚ My three favorite things to do there are 1) Go to the Museum of Natural History 2) Go to Chinatown 3) People watch, lol. It sounds weird, but there are so many cool (and crazy) fashions strutting around. Have fun when you go!

      6. Lol at your “people watch” comment. I do that everywhere I go, I’m just a very observant person. And thanks, I’ll try to. I just don’t want to get lost anywhere since I’ll most likely be on foot (aside from cab & train rides).
        I do want to go to Chinatown to see if the food there is any different from the food I’ve had down here. Know of any really good pizza places in NY? I would love to have a good slice when I go.

      7. Hmm. Well, πŸ˜€ for me pizza is a kind of an “everyday” thing so I don’t usually eat it when I go there… If you want food on the cheaper side, I’d recommend the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle. If you go down into the lower level they’ve got many buffets to choose from, and it’s pay per weight.

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