Very Simple: 8 Minute Chicken Wraps

Last night after I came back to my room from my night class, I was hungry and wanted something quick and easy to eat.  I decided on making chicken wraps so I could have an excuse for using some of my tortilla shells.  I used Perdue’s Short Cuts Chicken Breast which are already cut into pieces, all you have to do is heat them up.  I used two handfuls of the chicken and placed them on a paper plate.  I microwaved them for 1:10 (it said 35 sec. on the box, but I wanted to make sure the pieces were heated all the way through).

The other products I used were 3 Carlita 6″ Flour Tortillas, a bag of Fresh Express Spinach, a bottle of Essential Everyday Fat Free Creamy Ranch Dressing, and a bag of Kraft Mexican Four Cheese Shredded Cheese.  I placed one tortilla on a new plate and added the shredded cheese, then about a third of the chicken.  I topped everything off with pieces of the spinach then drizzled the ranch dressing on top of that.  I then folded the tortilla and repeated the previous steps with the two remaining tortillas.

After I finished filling up and folding the tortillas, I placed the plate in the microwave for 1 minute so the cheese could melt.


The ingredients and what the inside of the tortilla looked like.
The ingredients and what the inside of the tortilla looked like.


The easier it is for me to make dinner, then the better.  I’m not fond of cooking yet, so the simpler, the better!  I estimated that the prep time took about 6 minutes including the clean up afterwards.





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