April Concert

So, last month I had the opportunity to see Marsha Ambrosius and Raheem DeVaughn live in concert.  I loved the show!  It was held at World Cafe Live at The Queen in Wilmington, DE.

World Cafe Live at The Queen
World Cafe Live at The Queen
My outfit for the concert.
My outfit for the concert.

I went there by myself and ended up making friends with some ladies who were standing next to me.  There were two opening acts by singers which I knew nothing about but they did not disappoint.  The show was hosted by the radio station Kiss 101.7 FM and they definitely made the night fun for everybody in attendance.  When Marsha Ambrosius came on stage, I was excited.  Although I was farther back in the crowd, I was able to get a video of her performance of Say Yes.  Everyone was surprised when a guy came onto the stage and proposed to his girlfriend.  I was lucky enough to get that on video.  Let’s just say that all the women in there were happy for the couple.

After Marsha finished with her set, Raheem DeVaughn came out and all the women begun to swoon over him, myself included.  He performed some songs I hadn’t heard before, but then he got into his old work and did Customer and She’s Single.  I was able to record him performing She’s Single plus the extra song he threw in at the end.  Before he left, he came back out and did an encore but I had to leave because my ride was waiting for me outside.

That night was a lot of fun.  It was the first R&B show I went to and I’m happy I was able to see them live.  I’m also happy to have met those ladies there who kept me company with laughs and cheers for the artists.  I hope I’m able to go to another R&B concert, they’re not as wild as the Hip-Hop and Rap concerts I’ve attended!



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