Guilty Pleasure Song of the Week

So, the title sounds kind of “showy” but it works.  I just cannot seem to get certain songs out of my head.  For example, Macklemore’s song “Can’t Hold Us” has been floating through my mind this past week.  I cannot get tired of this song since Ray Dalton sings my favorite part.  Great guilty pleasure song!



I’m still trying to get use to Macklemore, btw.  I can say that he does have a nice flow on some other songs I’ve heard.  Check out “Thrift Shop” if you haven’t already.  It’s more than decent.




One thought on “Guilty Pleasure Song of the Week

  1. I think Thrift Shop and Can’t Hold Us are the only songs I’ve heard besides his really old song he did years ago before he became popular. I like these two songs a lot, though. Very catchy.

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