Starting Off Right

This weekend was very fun for me.  I headed to the mall yesterday and had some well-needed retail therapy.  I ended up buying some new clothes for the summer.  Yesterday was a good day to shop, too.  Lots of sales were going on so I was definitely not going to pass up splurging a little bit.  I even treated myself to the movies and saw Fast & Furious 6, which I loved.  I can’t wait for Fast 7 next year!


Awesome movie!
Awesome movie!


As soon as I got back, my roommate and her friends invited me to go to the beach with them.  I didn’t pass that offer up either and I’m glad I didn’t.  I really enjoyed myself and got to share laughs and drinks with them.  Even though I’m not a part of their group of friends, they still treated me like one of their own.



I'm such a showoff :)
I’m such a showoff 🙂
It was so calming being by the water
It was so calming being by the water
Lights from the boardwalk
Lights from the boardwalk
Beautiful colors from the sunset
Beautiful colors from the sunset


Afterwards, we went to Hooters and pigged out on their wings.  I ended up with a stomachache because I ate too fast, but that was all cured with the long car ride back home.  Overall, I would say that this was the perfect start to the month of June and to summer.  I can’t wait for the first day of summer to get here, especially if more beach trips are in the works.

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend as well!




10 thoughts on “Starting Off Right

  1. Sounds like a wonderful and complete day! A time at the beach, a fun and fast movie, and friends sharing food together! Wonderful! Thanks again for nominating me for the inspiring blogger award. Will work on it this weekend! TGIF!

    1. Yeah, I was really saddened by his death. I’ve seen all of the movies, love the whole F&F franchise.

      I would rather watch the cars drive around, you can have the driving part, lol.

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