Quick Note

I am currently working on a research paper I was assigned to do for the Modern Art class I have been taking this summer.  Classes started last month and next week is the last week for them.  I am happy that they will be over soon but I know that after next week, I won’t have anything to keep me busy.  I was thinking about going home for the remainder of summer.  I already know that if I stay here at my college I would be bored and hungry.  I said hungry because I don’t cook and haven’t cooked since I moved into the apartments provided by housing at my college.  To be honest, I have not been very smart in my decisions when food was involved.

I could buy more fruits and vegetables when I go grocery shopping.  I could buy less processed foods.  I could buy more salads and less sweets.  There is a lot I could change about my diet, but since I do not fancy the kitchen that much, unless I’m baking sweets or using the microwave, there are not too many other healthy options for me to choose from.  Plus, I feel like I am more prone to choosing sweets while I am at college.  If I was to be home, I would most definitely have more nutritious choices to choose from.  For some reason, I tend to always pick up some kind of fruit when I go grocery shopping with my grandmother.  I don’t always choose snack foods when I go grocery shopping by myself, but that is all I’ve really incorporated into my diet since I’ve been living here.

I wouldn’t mind being home for the rest of summer either, it’s just that I would be bored there as well.  If I kept myself busy by catching up on reading and writing more poems, that would help pass time.  I enjoy summer but it isn’t as fun when you don’t have people to take trips with or hang out with.  I’ll stop here before I end up in another rant, I have a paper to finish.

Hope you all are enjoying your day!



10 thoughts on “Quick Note

  1. I just wrote about healthy choices that my 27 year old daughter has been lecturing me on my blog. It is titled Healthy Retreats this Summer or something like that! Take care and enjoy your classes. It is nice to stay busy and hope you have fun along the way, too!

  2. Come on, cooking is fun! 🙂 I like to cook even very simple things. For example, I will start out with tomato soup from a can, or a microwaveable curry, and add more vegetables. Stir-fries are really simple too. But it really does all start at the grocery store. If I can ‘be good’ there, then I am already making my food decisions for the week. 🙂

    1. I know it can be fun, but I’m not the type of person (at least not yet) that enjoys washing pots and pans. I’d rather stick to paper plates & plastic utensils! Lol.

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