Late Thoughts

Just thinking about how fast the first week of my internship went by. I ended up getting my toe injured on the first day. My boss asked me to be an extra person for the kids’ three-legged race they were about to have. There was an uneven amount of kids so I was paired up with her son. I’m not sure how, but my toe was ran over/stepped on which broke the skin on my big toe. It took me a few seconds to realize that the pain I was feeling was no normal pain and when I looked down, I noticed my bleeding toe.

Luckily, my boss keeps a first aid kit on site so I was able to be patched up before being sent home early. My toe feels much better now but I’m cautious about squeezing it into one of my sneakers. I plan on wearing nothing but flip flops once again this week.

Other than my small injury, I’m hoping this week is another good one. I’ve been assigned some tasks and we’ve already set down and discussed the future newsletters I’ll be working on for their organization. My boss also expressed her thoughts about having me continue to work with them after I fulfill my internship requirements. I’m actually surprised that she spoke to me about that so soon but I’m also excited. That means after I graduate, I’ll be welcome to work with them instead of being sent off like some interns at other companies.

I still haven’t been able to get back into a good sleep schedule. I’ve been waking up randomly around 5 am after only being asleep for about 2-3 hours. Not sure if insomnia is the case here but I need to figure out how to get to sleep at a good time.

I’ll probably just spend the rest of this hour wandering around WordPress until I get bored of reading posts (my usual routine nowadays, lol).

Hope you all enjoyed your Monday nights!



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