What We Need is Change


First off, good morning! I hope you all are starting your days off right.

I came across this photo and it sparked a string of thoughts in my mind. Change is everywhere! It has been said before but I’ll say it again, my way 🙂

In order for us to grow as people, we must experience change. Whether the experiences were good or bad, we have all lived through them and survived. We might have gained scars, whether physical or mental, but these scars have added to our life stories. We cannot be afraid of the change that comes with growing up. If we tried to avoid it (and succeeded), we would not have made it to the points where we are at right now. We would be stuck in our in our old ways of living.

We need change in order to move on from past events that may have been obstacles for us. Take a minute and think about where you are in your life at this very moment. Now think back to five, maybe 10 years ago. How much have you changed? Is your life better now because of certain changes you’ve been through? Or has it gotten worse? If you are stuck with no idea on where to go, think about what your life would be like if you never grew up and kept the same naive mindset you had when you were a child. We might be adults, but we are not done growing. But we have come a long way from the crying children we’ve used to be.

Don’t be afraid of change. Change is needed for us to grow so we can live the lives we have always dreamt of living.

Sorry for my morning rambling here, but I just needed a place to free my thoughts.



2 thoughts on “What We Need is Change

  1. Love this! I wrote a similar post a few days ago with the same message. I’ve always been a fan of change whether its a different car or hairstyle or job. Sometimes I get frustrated and I have to reflect on where I was 5 years ago or even 1 year ago to realize how much I have changed. Great post!

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