It’s My Time (Once Again)

I head back to college tomorrow.  I’m pretty happy to be getting back since this is my last year there.  This should be a fun semester, at least I’m hoping it is.  Just have to make sure I stay focused on my classes and keep a good standing with my internship.  I am very happy that the people I’ve met so far at my internship are nice and inviting.  There’s nothing worse than feeling like the adults you’re suppose to be helping out don’t want you there.  But they’re not like that at all.  My boss and I also share a common hobby for watching the Hallmark channel.  I don’t know anybody else who watches the channel so to find out she knew what Little House on the Prairie was made me feel better about working for her.  Plus, LHOTP is a pretty great (old) show!

I am hoping to make some new friends this year.  Even though it’s my last year, it wouldn’t hurt to know some of the new faces and some of the old ones walking around campus.

Also, I do have a favor to ask of anyone who reads this and who also reads books.. I need some suggestions on some new books for me to read.  They don’t have to be new books that were recently published, they could be old classics as well.  I’m open to any genre but I do love reading biographies the most for whatever reason.  Any book about a person’s life especially if it’s told by that person would be nice to check out.

This was short but I just felt like I needed to update my blog with a personal post.  Hope you all are having a great week!




5 thoughts on “It’s My Time (Once Again)

  1. Hello, you must know that you are awesome. Hallmark is my best friend. I love, Touched by an Angel!!! Hate LHOTP, but I read a book once..loooong time ago about Laurie/Laura(I think). That was 2000, so I was 10. Anyway, Their Eyes Were Watching God is a great book. The movie is so-so. Book first,then movie! 🙂 Debbie Macomber is a great author too or so I’ve heard and,now she has a series on,Hallmark. Oh, what’s your major?

    1. Thanks for the recommendations! I don’t think I’m that awesome, but thanks for telling me that 🙂

      I haven’t read any LHOTP book but I sure do like the show. I’m majoring in Mass Communications. Hopefully I’ll find a job related to my field for when I graduate.

  2. Hello! I love LHOTP too. Though my love runs deeper for the books than the tv show. (I found my love of reading through those books.) A book I really enjoyed was A Little House Sampler – a collection of early stories written by Laura and her daughter Rose. Talk about strong independent women! Another book that has been life changing to read is Illusions by Richard Bach. It’s older but still in print and totally worth reading. In the last 5 years I’ve read it more times than I can count and each time it hits me in a different way.
    Best wishes as you find your groove at school.

    1. Thank you for the recommendations! I guess I’ll have to read the books for the show now. That book must be worth it if you’ve read it that many times.
      I hope I can as well, thanks!

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