Time Flies When You’re Busy Writing

Hello everybody!  Sorry for not updating my blog in awhile, I’ve just been busy with homework and papers and my internship.  I’m currently doing assignments for my internship from my laptop which is much easier for me to do.  I would like to work at my internship site, but there have been some changes made in my class schedule that do not allow me to commute like I would have before.

I am also working on my senior capstone and I am hoping that my proposal (which is due next week) isn’t lacking anything.  I’m working on it this week, writing everything up.  I have a lot of information to use for my paper so all I have to do is place everything in their correct sections, add the correct citations and I’m done.  I’ve found that I have a hard time writing papers when they turn out to be easy to do.  It’s hard to explain but it’s true.  I made it easier for myself with this paper since I divided each section up and assigned different days of the week for me to write each section.  I have four other sections to write and I plan to be done on Saturday.  Sunday will be the designated proofread and edit day in case I forget to review it before I print it out.

I am expected to come up with a product which is normally a website for convergence journalism students, but I asked if I could do a business plan for the bookstore I want to own one day and my idea was accepted.  I researched how to do business plans and they seem challenging but fun.  It’ll be fun for me because I’ll be learning all of the aspects of creating my own business plan.  I still haven’t come up with a secure name for my bookstore but I do have two or three names that I thought of that might work.  I’m hoping that I can use the finished plan in the future, I might just have to change or add things to it when the time comes to actually use it.

Aside from work and school, I’m pretty excited to be turning 22 next month.  I don’t even feel like I should be this old yet.  I know 22 is far from 99, but I’m not the teenager I used to be.  I still don’t feel like an adult either so I’m kind of stuck in the in-between.  Not a teenager anymore but not quite an adult.  I just hope I get to enjoy my birthday as well as some birthday cake!

I hope as is well with my followers and just know that I haven’t forgotten about anyone!



4 thoughts on “Time Flies When You’re Busy Writing

  1. I’m 23, have been for a couple of months now. You feel like an adult when you start paying bills…not fun at all. But, having your own money is fun and adultish<–made it up.

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