A New Journey Ahead of Me

So, I graduated* on Saturday and I feel much better now.  Everyone at my church seemed to be really happy for me when my aunt announced the big news.  I’m proud of myself as well.  There were a lot of challenges that I had to overcome and I honestly did not know if this day would come.  I lost friends and gained friends and learned who my real friends were.  I learned that there are professors who care about me and who are also proud that I graduated.  I learned that college can be tough, but I can survive if I give myself a break every now and then.

Stress and insomnia were my best friends this last semester.  I saw myself lose my smile over this time as well.  Hopefully being back home will make my smile come back.  I’m looking forward to the new changes that will occur in the next few months.  I’m also excited for the unknown.  There’s going to be a lot of “unknown” things happening to me since I’m not in college anymore.  Who knows where I’ll be next summer or next fall!  I like all of the possibilities that are available for me.  I just hope I have fun and have a chance to get out and travel some more before settling down.

Life after college isn’t going to be bad.  I’m going to make sure I keep a positive attitude and an open mind.  There’s nothing worse than expecting failure and not seeing anything else but that.  If I’m going to succeed, then I have to stay optimistic.

Enjoy this photo of me that my aunt took after I graduated!

Class of 2013! I did it!
Class of 2013! I did it!

*I also graduated with honors which was pretty cool.



15 thoughts on “A New Journey Ahead of Me

  1. Awesome! Congratulations and good luck – you won’t need it – you are your own best advertisement! I hope you find work that makes you as happy as you are now.

  2. Congratulations dear + proud of you. Mail me let’s talk.. I will love to see your posts someday on ma blog… *stop grinning* like your writing sense

    1. Thank you, thank you. I don’t think my posts belong on your blog, they’re more from a personal perspective, IMO anyway. But thanks for the offer.

      I usually just ramble on in my posts, but thanks for liking my writing style.

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