Books for One, Please!

I decided to do some reading after dinner tonight and realized I didn’t make a post on here last month after I went book & music shopping.

I picked up Rodriguez’s cd Cold Fact after learning that Barnes & Noble had it in stock. A music marketing class I took last spring semester introduced us to the documentary that was made about him. I fell in love with Sixto Rodriguez’s music after that so I’m happy I was able to find his cd in stores. If you haven’t seen the film yet, go check it out. It’s called Searching for Sugarman.


The rest of my purchase consisted of three books: The Story of My Life by Helen Keller, Kurt Cobain by Christopher Sandford, and Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton. I ended up spending a couple of hours reading through the HONY book. I already was aware of the project since I followed it on Facebook. That’s another great book to have, especially if you like reading about other people. I also enjoy just looking at all of the different clothing and hair styles that are featured in the book.


I haven’t read the Kurt Cobain book yet, but I plan on starting it after I finish up with Helen Keller’s book. I’ve been reading it on and off but I’m enjoying it as well. I didn’t know too much about her before buying this book, but I find her writing style very easy to read. In the back of the book are letters that were written by Keller when she started learning how to write after becoming blind. I think it’s remarkable that she was able to learn all of this despite her condition as a child.

I just wanted to share this with you all since I rarely make posts about the books I’m currently reading. Books about people and their lives really interest me, whether I’m familiar with them or not. I’ve always wanted to write an autobiography myself but I don’t know where I would begin! Maybe I’ll find some inspiration after I finish reading Keller’s book.

Hope you all are enjoying your Monday night as well!



3 thoughts on “Books for One, Please!

  1. That’s pretty cool. We checked out the Nirvana exhibit at Seattle’s EMP museum and it was neat to walk around and read about their journey, especially the artifacts including letters written by Kurt Cobain.

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