Weekly Writing Challenge: Object

The theme for this week’s challenge is to focus on an object and write about it.  There were several different ideas posted on the page but the prompt box idea stuck out to me the most.  I wrote up a lot of objects on my paper slips so I think I might make this a thing where I use my p-box for other posts on here.

The paper slip I pulled out of my popcorn box prompt box had “poetry” written on it.  How ironic.  So, here we go.

8:22 p.m.

Poetry is something that just comes natural to me.  I am not sure of the exact age when I wrote my first poem, I usually tell people I started writing during my middle school years.  It is a great exercise for one’s mind and can help with dealing with stress.  Poetry is hard for me to really describe because a poem can be found anywhere and can be written by anyone.  For example, the word blue just popped into my head and from that word, I will write this:

Comfort can be found in the wind,

 by looking up at the sky, 

Resting your body in a pool of cool water, 

can shift your troubles from your body,

and to the pool’s edge,

where you can relax and just unwind,

Unpleasant moods can be lifted and changed,

to ones that involve smiles and laughter,

Comfort is the easiest thing to lose,

and the hardest thing to gain.

It is pretty hard to write about poetry when it’s something you just do without any thought to what you’re writing.  Not sure if that made sense to any of you, but it makes sense to me.  Writing in this way can relieve stress and put you in a better mood.  Especially if you write about something that has been bothering you or about a bad experience you’ve had.  Well, my time is up.  This challenge was kind of difficult, but I hope you all enjoy reading this!

8:34 pm (had to double check everything!)



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