My List of 10 Enjoyable Moments

I decided to create a list of random things that I enjoy in life. Whether they are feelings or activities, they will be listed here. I hope you all enjoy My List of 10 Enjoyable Moments!

One – Acknowledging my presence in life

This feeling and realization happens a lot more often now that I’m growing older. I’ll get lost in my thoughts while relaxing in my room and realize that I am living on Earth. A planet that holds many, many other living things is what I call home. Just to think about how small I am compared to the planet itself scares me and amazes me.

Two – Tea

I love the fact that tea exists. There are many flavors to be tried, but there is one flavor that I do enjoy the most. Earl Grey. I’m not sure why, but drinking a hot cup of this flavor makes me feel comfortable and capable of doing things. I feel energized to clean or write or read. It just makes me feel good in general.

Three – Compliments from/to strangers

During my sophomore year of college, I started to receive random compliments from students during my walks to and from class. The compliments increased during my junior and senior years after I introduced my arms to tattoos. During my senior year and after my graduation, the compliments shifted up to my “natural hair” look. All of these positive interactions prompted me to start complimenting strangers in return. It’s an enjoyable feeling to see someone’s face light up when you say how great their outfit or hair looks on them. Even complimenting one of my old roommates on how brown her eyes looked while she was standing in the sun made her smile and blush. I like making people feel good about themselves, even if I’ll never see them again.

Four – Hearing birds chirp and sing

There are many sounds I enjoy, but listening to birds seems to calm me. It’s especially nice to hear them in the morning through my window. Sometimes I’ll just lay in bed listening to their songs. It can be very soothing at times.

Five – Windy/breezy days

This one might be random, but it is something that I do cherish. I love opening my side window in my bedroom to let a breeze in. The way it moves my curtains around can be mesmerizing. It also helps to keep me cool on days when the sun is beaming outside. Another added perk is seeing leaves dancing in the wind or making mini tornados in the street.

Six – Art

Whether it’s done by a professional or found on the side of a building, art is a great visual to view. Street art, graffiti, paintings in museums, abstract, modern, contemporary, primitive, the list could go on. Of course not all art is in the form of ink or paint. Certain photographs, building structures, sculptures, statues, etc. all capture my love for art.

Seven – Conquering a fear

I have a lot of fears. Some shared by many, spiders, clowns, falling from high heights. Others, more personal. When I conquer a fear, I love the feeling that comes over me afterwards. It’s like something inside of me awakens and makes me aware of the things that I am capable of doing. I feel less afraid and that’s a great feeling to have.

Eight – Writing

This one is a given since most of you know that I write poetry. I’m also referring to writing in general. Getting out my dreams, fears, goals, accomplishments, whatever may help to clear my mind. There are times when I get sick of writing and other times when I can’t help but to write. It’s in my blood and it’s an activity that exercises my brain in a positive way.

Nine – Going down memory lane with close friends

I enjoy this activity a lot since it’s usually followed by lots of laughter and accompanied by big smiles. It’s a good feeling to know that you share the same memories with other people. It’s an even better feeling when you realize that each memory is different since each friend experienced it in their own way.

Ten – Finding people who share my same interests

This one is hard to come by, but it’s wonderful when I’m able to bond with new people. Even if it’s a music band or movie, it makes me happy when I find another person who shares my same love for it.



5 thoughts on “My List of 10 Enjoyable Moments

  1. It is very rare to meet someone that shares my same interest. It is really cool. Most bands or artist I like no one really knows them. I’m very different from most people. Cool list “El”

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