Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

Of course, I had to catch the sunset tonight.  I just love the colors that come from sunsets and it’s something really special about them.  For this challenge, I’ll be using some of the photos I took tonight during my walk.

Relaxing by the Grand Canyon
Relaxing by the Grand Canyon
Beautiful colors!
Beautiful colors!
The canyon itself.
The canyon itself.



13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

  1. Soooo very jealous! Your hair is growing, I plan to chop in July for my birthday and I’m so scared I’ll punk out 😦 6months chemical free….never new I could go this long. Weird we go with the flow so much and don’t even realize. But yeah the pic us bonita!

    1. Aww, don’t be jealous. I’m finally at the point where I love my little twa. It has grown a lot since October and my shrinkage is real, lol. I hope everything goes well when you big chop!

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