Along My Walk

I had a day off from work yesterday so I took full advantage of it.  I started it off by sleeping in until 4 pm.  That was just wonderful since our work day starts at 7 am (housekeeping!).  I then managed to get out of my comfortable bed and wander over to the dining hall for a quick dinner before setting off on my walk.

I took the nature trail that they have here and decided to bring my camera along.  There were moments when nature itself would entice me to take photos of it.  Whether it was a tree or a flower or a simple rock, I was intrigued by it all.  Below are just a handful of the photos I took on my two hour walk yesterday.  As seen in my previous post, the sunset looked very smoky but cool at the same time.


Grand Canyon selfie!
Grand Canyon selfie!









7 thoughts on “Along My Walk

  1. El, these shots are so pretty. So, you’re like a journalist and a photographer! I love your hair, and I have sengelease twist in my hair (spelling may be off) lol. I’ll have to post a pic. Or are you on Instagram?

    1. Thank you. I’m trying to focus more on bettering my shots. My hair has grown a lot, too, since I’ve been here, and I am. My ig is ‘acireal’.

      And I’m just doing what I do best, writing and adding photos to my stories!

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