Recovery: Self-Hate

There she stands

With her sunken, dark brown eyes,

That have been reddened

By the tears of her own words

The words spoken evilly about herself

Others admire her

For her grace, diligence, intelligence

She only sees unworthiness and hate

Unworthy of being beautiful

Or having a steady relationship

Hate, which stems from her blood

Her lineage, who accuses her

Of being anything but good or smart

The belittling words of others

Have settled into her own mouth

Cutting deeply into her skin.

As she speaks these lies,

Her tongue swells, knowing her real truths

The ones that depict her in a positive light

She is full of grace, diligence, and intelligence

As she stands

With her dried, dark brown eyes,

She realizes the true beauty that she is

That she has finally become

Lending time to listen to her own truths

And speak them into existence

Has led her on a road to recovery

To a better life, to a better her.


*This poem is in response to this week’s Dungeon Prompt: I Am A Recovering…

14 thoughts on “Recovery: Self-Hate

    1. Thank you. I knew that this was the topic I wanted to focus on after I read your prompt. It took about 7 minutes to write, but I feel the power behind it as well!

  1. This is beautiful and very poignant. I can relate to this. I love especially “Lending time to listen to her own truths” what a time to celebrate that she could finally listen to her own truths.

    1. Thank you! I’m happy that line stuck out to you. It’s a difficult process to believe yourself when all you’ve ever been told were lies, but it feels great once you sit & listen to the actual truth about yourself.

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