Just a Quick Update

To say that I am still here and kickin’!  Life in Montana is very laidback so far.  It will be a year since I came out here this coming Christmas season.  A year sure does fly by when you’re having fun working a lot.

My 24th birthday is also around the corner (Oct. 17th) and I couldn’t be more excited.  I always remind my friends and cousins that we’re another year closer to 30!  They always give me the same groans about how they don’t need to be reminded, but I do it anyway 🙂

I’ve since stopped working at the ski resort here and am now a caregiver at a senior living place.  It’s a really nice job and it gives me more insight into how the aging process affects each individual differently.  I can see myself working and living here for the few years until I decide on where I want to officially settle down and start my life.  Even though I am living it right now, there are still other aspects that I want added into it.  A house and a family of my own are the two major ones so far.

Aside from living and working and working and living, I am trying to bring more happiness into my life.  Whether I accomplish that by spoiling myself with a shopping trip or taking a quiet, morning walk by a neighboring pond, happiness is something that I want more of.  I don’t want to get into a routine where I’ll find myself bored when there are plenty of options/activities for me to choose from.

I guess you can say that self-happiness and self-love are the two things I am currently working on.  Hopefully I can see them manifest themselves into me soon.



3 thoughts on “Just a Quick Update

  1. Oh my goodness, heyyy! Find me on FB or Insta! Kidding about Insta because I don’t know my password lol. Ama Be Happy -ArchDuke. One can never be too happy. I’m glad you’ve found a job, and you’ll find yourself wanting a newer job, and a more exciting job. I turned 25 in July and I was tomorrow I’m 30 *thirty flirty and thriving* if you don’t know that line you’ve missed out on life. Hope the natural hair is going well.

  2. As an old 31 year old, I can say that self-happiness and self-love is a daily process and it will always be a journey but as long as you are focused on that and becoming that as much as you can moment by moment, then you’ll be fine. (And 30s are even better than 20s… you’ll see lol)

  3. I was looking at a blog where you nominated me for the Sunshine Bloggers Award. I decided to see how you are doing. So glad you have a more honest lifestyle and the world is more accepting but we still have a long way to go. Stay happy. ♡ Happy 2016!

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