Love is Alive & Real

I haven’t updated you guys in a long while. Between switching jobs and finding a new home and finding a new love, I’ve been keeping busy.  Montana is still home and I love every bit about the small town that I live in.  I’ve found a sweet and loving guy who I annoy from sun up to sun down (he’s the same way with me.)

  Just trying to catch up on life and all of the things happening in our world today.  I am planning on making my WP comeback, and slowly but surely I will 🙂  I also plan on updating my poetry site more frequently as well.  As for right now, I will take some time to relax, browse through some posts, and wait for my love to get home from work.  I can’t wait to catch up on all of the news you all have had for this year. I’m a bit behind – 9 months to be exact – but I’ll do my best.  Hopefully my favorite bloggers are still here!

Have a good night, folks 🙂

– L


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